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Welcome to Today’s Family Summer Camp!

As you probably know, Today’s Family is a non-profit charitable agency servicing children and families in and around Hamilton, Halton and Haldimand-Norfolk. We offer a wide range of early learning and child care programs, as well as parental support programs to help you and your child every step of the way. It’s professional, caring support that makes a real difference in the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of children.


Available on a first-come, first-served basis, you can register for Today’s Family Summer Camps in the following ways:

1. In person

2. By mail: Today’s Family Summer Camp Central Administration Office, 44 Greendale Drive, Hamilton, ON, L9C 5Z4

3. By email: Download a registration package on this web page or email us at camp@todaysfamily.ca


It’s not only about where we go… It’s also what we do when we get there.

Today’s Family programs are built around the Emergent Curriculum, which means our activities are always driven by your child’s interests and passions.


So when it comes to trips to exciting new places, our job as a camp is to plan where to go. What actually happens after we get there, though, is up to your child. That means no fixed schedule, no counselors making plans based on what they think your child will like; your child is king (or queen)!


For example, if we go to the zoo and our campers want to spend all day watching the tigers, that’s what we do. And if we go to a water park and our campers want to skip the slides and spend all day in the wave pool, then we wave bye-bye to line-ups and spend the day getting washed away. It’s all good.





Ages 4 – 6


Our Kinder Camp is our youngest camp, for children aged 4-6. Kinder Camp’s curriculum fits its tiny campers, with an emphasis on play-based learning and exploration. Our Kinder Camps are well stocked with a myriad of art supplies as well as games, puzzles, and books.


That’s not to say that our Kinder Campers usually stay inside; our little bundles of joy can often be seen bouncing around a splash pad, singing songs, and chasing one another around trees. It’s never too early to learn about our community! Kinder Campers are also found exploring local libraries, fire stations, farmer’s markets and much more!


Our Kinder Campers enjoy the great outdoors. Introductory swimming lessons are offered, and they also have the opportunity to venture off on a weekly trip to farms, zoos, conservation areas and other exciting destinations.



Ages 7 – 9


Our largest camp by far, Adventure Camp is our camp for children aged 7-9. Adventure Campers engage in a variety of experiences such as community exploration and weekly excursions while interacting with their peers in a play-based learning environment. Adventure Campers also go on trips together every Thursday. Previous trip destinations have included Wild Water Works, Brantford Zoo, Bingeman’s Fun Park and Chicopee Tube Park. These trips are the highlight of the week and are included in the camp registration fee.


We also bring in outside programs to add to our camp experience. For example, ARTASIA is a weekly arts program run by Culture for Kids in the Arts (CKA). Our campers make personal art for themselves, but also collaborate to create a large-scale art installation that is then shown off at Hamilton’s annual Supercrawl.



Ages 10 – 12


Our camp for our oldest age group, Extreme, is for children aged 10-12. Extreme Campers come from across Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and Burlington, coming together at Bronte Creek for a summer of activity and fun. Extreme Camp is a bit different from our other programs: Extreme Campers still get dropped off at their local centres, but are then whisked away via chartered school bus to their final destination.


Extreme Camp is based out of pavilions in Bronte Creek, although we only really stay there when it’s raining. When the sun is out, we’re out, going on hikes, swimming in creeks, learning to skip stones and catch frogs. If there’s any camp that is ‘Go, Go, Go!’ all the time, it’s Extreme.


Extreme Campers also go on trips together every Wednesday. Previous trip destinations have included Wild Water Works, Brantford Zoo, Canoeing on the Grand River, and Rock Climbing. These trips are the highlight of the week and are included in the camp registration fee.



Ages 13 – 16


Do you miss the “good old days” of camp? Want to help run a camp at your local centre? Then you should be a Leader in Training! L.I.T.s work alongside our trained staff and ease themselves into leadership and care-giving roles. Our 13 – 16 years Leader-in-Training Program provides a great opportunity for teens to develop communication skills in a team environment. Participants also learn how to supervise young children as they program/plan activities for them to learn and grow.


As you can see, we offer a great deal of choice…

To register for Summer Camp 2016 or to learn more about our programs, choose your preferred location below and click the link:



West Lynn School
18 Parker Drive, Simcoe

Click here to register for our Haldimand Norfolk 2016 Summer Camp.
Click here to download our Haldimand Norfolk 2016 Summer Camp Daily Guide.



C.H. Norton School
2120 Cleaver Avenue, Burlington

Click here to register for one of our Halton 2016 Summer Camps.
Click here to download our Halton 2016 Kinder Camp Daily Guide.
Click here to download our Halton 2016 Adventure Camp Daily Guide.
Click here to download our Halton 2016 Extreme Camp Daily Guide.



Click here to register for any of the Hamilton Camp 2016 locations below.

Collegiate Avenue School
49 Collegiate Avenue, Stoney Creek

Click here to download our Collegiate 2016 Kinder Camp Daily Guide.
Click here to download our Collegiate 2016 Adventure Camp Daily Guide.
Click here to download our Collegiate 2016 Extreme Camp Daily Guide.

Delta Church
47 Ottawa Street S., Hamilton

Click here to download our Delta 2016 Adventure Camp Daily Guide.
Click here to download our Delta 2016 Extreme Camp Daily Guide.
(Kinder camp not available at this location)

Dundas, Knox Church
23 Melville Street, Dundas

Click here to download our Dundas 2016 Kinder Camp Daily Guide.
Click here to download our Dundas 2016 Adventure Camp Daily Guide.
Click here to download our Dundas 2016 Extreme Camp Daily Guide.

G.L. Armstrong School
460 Concession Street, Hamilton

Click here to download our G.L. Armstrong 2016 Kinder Camp Daily Guide.
Click here to download our G.L. Armstrong 2016 Adventure Camp Daily Guide.
Click here to download our G.L. Armstrong 2016 Extreme Camp Daily Guide.

R.A. Riddell School
200 Cranbrook Drive, Hamilton

Click here to download our R.A. Riddell 2016 Kinder Camp Daily Guide.
Click here to download our R.A. Riddell 2016 Adventure Camp Daily Guide.
Click here to download our R.A. Riddell 2016 Extreme Camp Daily Guide.


When does Summer Camp run?

Summer Camp runs Monday-Friday, 7am to 6pm, from July 4 to August 26, August 31 or September 2 depending on the schedule. So basically, the entire summer!

Are you peanut-free?

Although we’re ‘nuts’ about kids, all of our programs camps are very allergy-aware and Summer Camp is no different! We enforce a strict “nut free” policy. And more than that, we are also “allergy aware,” meaning that certain foods will be prohibited at certain centres based on the needs of the children at that centre. Please contact your local program supervisor for more information.

What should my camper bring with them to camp?

A healthy, nut-free lunch

Swim suit and towel

• Sun protection (a hat, personal sunscreen)

• Refillable water bottle

Comfortable shoes

Is financial assistance available?

Qualifying families may be eligible for subsidy through the Social Development and Early Childhood Services Child Care Fee Subsidy Office. For further information, please call:

City of Hamilton: 905 546 4870

Halton Region: 905 825 6000

Haldimand Norfolk: 519 426 6170

Do we have to sign up for the entire summer?

No, you can sign up on a week-by-week basis.

Does Summer Camp run on holidays?

No, Summer Camp is closed for all Canadian statutory holidays, including Canada Day and the August long weekend.

Are electronics allowed?

In a word, ‘no.’ We ask that campers not bring any valuables to camp. This includes: cell phones, electronic devices and games.

What do I do if my camper is not a strong swimmer?

We have many protocols in place to ensure everyone’s safety during their time at camp. All of the Kinder Campers are kept within arm’s reach of a staff member at all times and will not enter water beyond waist deep. Kinder Campers will only be visiting pools and lakes with gradual entry overseen by certified lifeguards.


Regardless of age, should your camper require a lifejacket, please bring one along. If this is not possible, all of the locations that we visit offer the use of life jackets for the day.

Do you have any policies that I should be aware of?

(Okay, okay, you caught us… nobody has ever actually asked this question, it’s just that we thought you’d like to know how serious we are about ensuring your child has an an awesome summer to remember).



Hot Weather Policy To ensure the health and safety of all, camp staff will modify activities to accommodate for hot weather. There will be more indoor time and less strenuous activities with more frequent water breaks. This will allow all campers to enjoy even the hottest days.


Volunteer and Student Supervision Policy Only Today’s Family employees will have the direct responsibility for the supervision of children in the camp programs. Please note: Volunteers and students are not considered part of the staff / caregiver-to-child ratio.


Nutrition Policy Today’s Family provides snacks in accordance with the Canada Food Guide. Menus are posted and copies are also available to parents and families. Please be sure to alert us of any allergies or food restrictions. If possible, we will try to provide an alternative. Please bring a nut-free lunch and refillable water bottle every day.


Guiding Behaviour Today’s Family use re-direction and positive behaviour guidance techniques appropriate to the child’s age to promote self-discipline and respect for others and their environment.


Serious Occurrences Serious occurrences that happen in your child’s Camp Program are posted at the program location for your information.



A non-profit, charitable agency serving more than 4000 children (and their parents and caregivers) in Hamilton, Halton, Haldimand and Norfolk and surrounding areas.


For all of our campers, getting wet is pretty much a daily occurrence. Don’t forget your bathing suit!


And healthy! All of our snacks are vegetarian as well, and we try to avoid all the common allergens.


All of our campers spend time at either Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville or Byng Island in Dunnville (depending on region), and our Extreme campers are there every day!


Exciting trips to zoos and waterparks, ziplines and canoeing, and other places too! Trip costs are included in your child's registration fee.


We want children to become valuable members of their communities, and so we introduce them to the best your neighbourhood has to offer!


I love you guys! When it was my first day of camp I was scared but then I realized that you are also my family!


Extreme Camper

I love camp and I am sad it’s over. I really miss it this year. I can’t wait until next summer!


Adventure Camper

Thank you for an amazing summer! Bronte Creek is an awesome place!


Extreme Camper

Best summer camp I’ve ever been to. All my friends from school are here, it rocks and the teachers are super nice.


Adventure Camper

I really enjoyed Artasia because we always learned lots and lots in lots of different ways to make art.


Adventure Camper

Sometimes I was tired and wanted to lie down because every day we were so busy I got tired. I love camp!


Extreme Camper